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Set up and configure Microsoft Teams

I will set up and configure Microsoft Teams for your organization (company, school or university) and help you get started with Microsoft Teams.

I will do the following:

  1. Assist you in purchasing Microsoft Teams license or set up the free version.
  2. Set up and configure Microsoft Teams.
  3. Create teams.
  4. Create channels in teams.
  5. Add tabs and apps to channels.
  6. Add Adminsmembers and guests to teams.

If you are a small business and you want to get started with Microsoft Teams for free before deciding to purchase a Microsoft 365 plan, I will set up the free version of Microsoft Teams which includes all the basic features.

If you are a schoolcollegeuniversity or other educational institution, I will help you get started with the free Office 365 A1 plan which includes Microsoft Teams and many other services which are totally free for educational institutions.

Choose a plan


Set up the free version of Microsoft Teams for personal use or for small business.


Set up Microsoft Teams for business use with a Microsoft 365 subscription.


Set up Microsoft Teams for educational institute with the free Office 365 A1 plan or a paid plan.